Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Greetings from London 2004
Introduction of the Human Layer

Cover of the free newspaper "Human". Public domain. Marco Casagrande.

This newspaper describes the ideas and methods of the urban megastructure Human Layer for the London City. The Human Layer is developed by the Finland based architecture office C-Laboratory to contribute for the British Architecture Foundation's Greetings from London urban planning exhibition.

The human Layer London is a network of strategies aiming to reinforce primary human values within the context of the modern city as a human living environment. Without moving anything from the city or adding anything heavy but overlapping a new layer of small scale interventions tuning the urban psyche towards kindness and other values of real reality - values that can not be speculated by economical or political means or otherwise.

Values that are total.

The Human Layer is a democratic free offering from the city to the citizens activating the urban subconscious towards softer more democratic human living.

There used to be a time in the Medieval Prague when there was free beer offered in the street corners. It was the right of the Prague citizen to drink beer for free. This was a democratic offering from the city.

The Human Layer offers the modern man a possibility of taking himself a thousand years back to realize that the things are the same.

Industrial Artist Marty Ross mounted on a Trojan Rocking Horse.

A series of new visions for London created by;
Zaha Hadid
Klein Dytham
David Green
Norman Foster
Foreign Office Architects
Will Alsop
Branson Coates
NL Architects
Casagrande Laboratory

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