Thursday, 8 January 2009

British Architectural Foundation

Human Layer London is a network of strategies aiming to reinforce primary human values within the context of the modern city as a human living environment. Withouth moving anything from the city or adding anything heavy but over-lapping a new layer of small scale interventions that tunes the urban psyche towards kindness and other values of real reality - values that cannot be speculated by economical or political means or otherwise.

Values that are total.

Then interventions are;
Dignity Unit - a unit for homeless, travellers and other urban nomads including a stove to heat water and cook food using recycled wood.

Human Cocoon - a one man sleeping shelter that can be attached to a facade and accessed by a ladder that can be lifter by the occupier to offer public privacy.

Trojan Rocking Horse - a mailbox for recording the urban subconscious where citizens are encouraged to leave comments about their living environment, their dreams and deepest wishes.

Marco Casagrande, architect, principal/Finland
Eri Asano, interior designer/Japan
Tuomas Makkonen, constructor/Finland
Marty Ross, industrial artist/Alaska
Kerby McGhee, visual artist/Alaska
August Künnapu, visual artist/Estonia
Philippe Gelard, assistant/France
Christian Edlinger, young master/Germany

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